What are you doing in 2474?

Did you know that it takes 450 years for one single use plastic bottle to break down in our landfills and oceans?  That means that a plastic bottle that goes in your trash dumpster or compactor today will finally break down in the year 2474!

At ZipEco, that keeps us awake at night. So, we are doing something about it! ZipEco is the only valet provider that uses a reusable recycling bag and a two-stream doorstep program to collect all those plastic bottles right at your tenant’s doorstep and get them into the recycling stream.

To date, ZipEco has rescued over 5 million plastic bottles from the trash stream and diverted them to the proper recycling channels.

Will your community join our efforts?  Your great grandkids – and all the whales and sea creatures – will thank you.

To learn more about ZipEco visit our website at ZipEco-Recycing.com or call us at 888.527.5868.