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Frequently Asked Questions

Every Day of the week, except for Tuesday and Friday.

Please place your recycling container and waste receptacle outside your door by 6:59pm on service nights. Collection begins at 7pm.

No, for the most part ZipEco sorts your recyclables for you! Just use the recycling receptacle and bags provided for you, and leave it outside your doorstep for collection. Place all mixed recycling (metal, paper, glass, plastic containers) in the provided recycling receptacle, with any plastic film recycling bagged on top. Our team will collect your recycling and trash and do the rest of the sorting for you!

Place garbage in a sturdy, 13-gallon trash bag, tied closed and placed inside your ZipEco waste container. Don’t put trash in grocery store check-out bags, as they leak and cause a mess. Don’t put trash bags directly on the landing — always use the trash receptacle.

Please flatten any large cardboard and stand it up behind your receptacle, outside your doorstep for collection. Don’t leave intact boxes on your doorstep, as cardboard needs to be broken down to be recycled.

Flattened cardboard boxes, tin or aluminum cans, milk cartons and jugs, plastic water bottles, junk mail, scrap paper, newspaper, clean food jars, and clean glass bottles are all excellent examples of common recyclables.

Most plastic, paper, metal, and glass items can go into the recycling receptacle, provided they are empty, clean, and dry. Look for a recyclable symbol on most plastic and glass items. Do not place sharp or heavy objects in the recycling (e.g. auto parts, cookware, or broken glass) or any household hazardous materials such as medications, chemicals, batteries, or fluorescent bulbs.

Plastic film includes any lightweight plastic such as produce bags, bread bags, bubble wrap, and plastic shipping envelopes. Look for the How2Recycle label on these items. These items should be separated from your mixed recycling, and placed clean and dry in a plastic shopping bag that is tied off and placed on top of your recycling receptacle.

It will be separated from other recyclable materials, taken to your local grocery store, and ultimately recycled into a composite decking material!

Any food service items that have been soiled with food or grease such as pizza boxes, fast food/to-go containers, hot or cold beverage cups, used paper towels or napkins, paper plates, and plastic silverware, should not be recycled. Also, household hazardous waste items such as light bulbs, batteries, and chemicals.

To properly dispose of bulk items such as mattresses, furniture, and electronics, please contact your property manager for instructions or bring the items to your nearest local transfer station.