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ZipEco helps you recycle MORE & waste LESS!

ZipEco Recyling & Waste is an independently owned waste management company based in the Pacific Northwest. We offer door-to-door recycling and waste collection five nights a week to apartment residents.

We provide everything you and your residents need to effectively recycle. This includes resident education, resident welcome packet material, recycling and waste receptacles, and outstanding customer service.

How ZipEco Recycling & Waste Works


Step 1

Place your recycling and waste in the provided receptacle outside your door. It’s easier and more convenient than curbside collection!


Step 2

Enjoy a quiet evening and a good night’s sleep. ZipEco’s Route Attendants quietly remove the garbage and recycling from your doorstep during the evening. 


Step 3

Service Techs sort the recycling and waste material into the carts, compactors, and dumpsters. By the end of the night your trash is gone! Bring your receptacle back inside, and repeat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every day of the week, except for Tuesday and Friday.

A cleaner multifamily community starts with ZipEco. Leave the recycling sorting to us. We pick up and sort your community’s refuse directly from the doorsteps so your maintenance team can focus on maintenance work. This results in 85%+ cleaner corrals and cages. Lower your maintenance costs, bring in extra revenue, and keep your community attractive to future residents.

ZipEco provides a multi family valet waste management service that’s good for your bottom line. Most properties choose to mark up the service fee to residents. By doing so, you can expect to add up to $25,000 to your bottom line. Contact Us for a custom service quote.

Yes! There’s a big educational component to what ZipEco offers your community. We can coordinate with you to host events like pizza parties and educate the residents. We also provide educational materials that can be used for resident notices, tips, and best practices.

Yes. ZipEco can come to your community, walk it, and make recommendations on recycling and waste management as a free consultation. Contact Us {link to contact form} to schedule a consultation appointment.

Utilize our ZipEco Blog and other resources to educate yourself on recyclable materials and the importance of source separated waste management. Contact Us to schedule a free consultation, educational event, or to receive a custom quote for your community.

Why Work With Us?

Help the Environment, Add Amenities for Your Residents, and Add $25k to Your Bottom Line

Help the Environment

ZipEco is, first and foremost, environmentally friendly. By utilizing our service, you help improve the environmental impact of your property’s waste! This allows you to help the planet without requiring significant extra effort. We are also a teaching and learning organization that can help residents learn about how to work towards environmental change in their daily lives. And our work makes recycling convenient and simple!

Add Amenities For Your Residents

ZipEco’s service provides luxury lifestyle amenity with minimal cost to residents. Less time and stress about waste collection and organization also means your maintenance staff will have increased availability to work on fulfilling work orders and aiding the residents. Your residents won’t have to do any more long walks to bring waste to a dumpster, and will love the cleanliness of the property.

Add Value To Your Property

Properties that we serve typically add $25,000 or more per year to their bottom line. Our recycling practices also lessen your waste bill. Aside from the financial incentives, there are a variety of other benefits to the look and feel of your property: ZipEco means no more messy garbage compactor areas, unsightly mini-corrals, or dumpster trains. All together, this creates a neater, more luxurious look for your property.

Ready to Find Out More?

Are you ready to revolutionize your community’s waste management? We believe that municipal solid waste management should be comprehensive and stress-free. Whether you are a community manager or a resident, we want to help!