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About ZipEco‘s Recycling and Waste Management Goals

Environmental sustainability is a high priority for us. We believe in the importance of mitigating the economic and environmental effects of improper waste disposal.

According to the National Waste and Recycling Association, approximately 25% of what we attempt to recycle in North America ends up in the landfill.

Contaminants are the reason behind why your recycling turns into trash, which is where we come in!

Our trained professionals ensure that your recycling is properly sorted, free of food waste, and other non-recyclables, such as plastic bags and Styrofoam, helping you make a better impact on the planet. We want to reduce the amount of excess waste generation that can be combated via careful sorting by trained individuals.

Our goal is to decrease the environmental impacts of incorrectly sorted solid waste and recycling in our service areas, by making it simpler than ever to ensure all of your trash and recycling is disposed of properly. It’s immensely difficult to live a zero waste lifestyle, but it shouldn’t be hard to help reduce the amount of waste material that contaminates potential recyclables!

If your community wants to focus on environmental sustainability and change how you deal with waste management forever, we’re happy to help you make a difference!

To read more about recycling and waste management neighborhood news, tips, and resources, check out our ZipEco blog, or contact us today to get started with a commercial recycling and waste management program at your apartment community.