Two streams are better than one.

When it comes to your doorstep service, two streams are better than one.

Why? Because busy people like convenience.

Other valet providers require your tenants to buy (non-recyclable) plastic “recycling” bags and mishandle the recycling that your tenants leave out on service night.

That is why ZipEco has one stream for trash and a separate stream for recycling – we do recycling right!
– We use a reusable recycling bag.
– We sort the recycling in the corral to remove contamination, and
– We teach your tenants how to recycle in the process.

As a result, your property will be in the top 10% of when it comes to recycling productivity.

ZipEco: Trash in the green receptacle, recycling in the reusable recycling bag.

Other valet providers: Yikes!