How ZipEco Works for Residents: A Step-By-Step Guide to Resident Recycling

One of ZipEco’s goals is to make recycling easier and more accessible for the residents of the apartment complexes we service, and to help integrate recycling into everyday life. Making the recycling process simple and streamlined provides benefits for the environment in the form of higher levels of uncontaminated recyclables actually getting where they need to be and going through the recycling process, and takes some of the load off the individual residents when it comes to needing to know all the ins and outs of sorting and handling recyclable materials. 

Here’s the basic information you need to know on how ZipEco works for residents: 

Firstly, we pick up your recycling and waste every day of the week, save for Tuesday and Friday. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, our trash and recycling  pick-up begins at 8:00 PM, right at your doorstep. That means your recycling container and waste receptacle should be placed outside your door by 7:59 PM. There’s a three-bag maximum per night, but we come by regularly enough that it’s uncommon to need to exceed that number. 

ZipEco largely sorts your recyclables for you. All you need to do is use the recycling receptacle and bags we provide for you, and leave it out for us to collect. Simply put all the mixed recyclable materials, including metal, paper, glass, and plastic containers into the receptacle, and leave any plastic film recycling (lightweight plastic such as produce bags, bread bags, bubble wrap, and other things in that vein)  in a bag on top. All recycling should be empty, clean, and dry. We handle all the rest of the sorting! When it comes to household trash, please place all garbage in a sturdy 13-gallon trash bag that’s been tied shut, in your trash receptacle. Don’t use grocery store check-out bags, as they tend to leak. If you’re recycling any large cardboard, please flatten it down and leave it standing up behind your recycling receptacle, as cardboard needs to be broken down to be recycled! 

The things that shouldn’t be put in your recycling include sharp or heavy objects like cookware or broken glass, or hazardous household items like medicine, batteries, or any chemicals. You also shouldn’t recycle any food items that have been soiled by food or grease, like food containers, used paper towels, or used food service beverage cups.  We appreciate you for keeping your recycling contamination free! 

Finally, you can download our mobile app, which provides all sorts of information and tools for residents! It allows you to communicate, request service, give feedback, and learn further information about effective recycling. We think of it as an extra component to help you get the most value out of what we do! 

Please check our resident FAQ if you have any further questions!