5 Benefits to Your Apartment Complex from Implementing a Robust Recycling Program

There’s plenty of reasons a robust recycling program is a valuable thing to have for your multifamily apartment community: such a program benefits the environment, the residents, and the community itself. While the potential benefits from a recycling program go far beyond this list, we’re going into a core five, including some of the ones we believe are the most important. 

1. Lower waste bills.

Apartment complexes that implement a recycling program tend to have lower waste bills. Mixing recycling with trash, or even just improperly sorting the recycling, can lead to contamination issues.  Depending on where you live, the processing fees for dealing with this contamination can be high.  By separating out the recycling from the start, you save yourself a lot of headache and hassle.

The recycling program will also impact the cost of trash pickup.  If you don’t need to empty your complex’s trash bins as frequently, due to the recyclables being separately taken care of,  you won’t need to pay as much to manage your waste.

2. Cleaner appearance.

A recycling program can help give your apartment a cleaner appearance. As a result, there’s less worry about dumpster trains, messy areas around your garbage compactor, or mini-corrals for trash pickup.

Ultimately, the property will appear better-maintained and more user-friendly.  It’s a good way to make your complex a place people enjoy living.

3. Decreased maintenance clean up.

With a robust recycling program in place, your maintenance team will have more time to attend to other tasks that they may have previously spent dealing with waste organization and management. As a result, they’ll be more efficient in taking care of your resident’s work orders, and won’t have to worry as much about taking care of recyclable waste. 

4. Resident amenities to differentiate the property.

Apartment residents appreciate amenities like a recycling program.  Many residents are environmentally conscious, and they like to live in a place that lets them do their part.  Some people have noted that their apartment complex’s recycling programs cut their trash in half.

If you want your apartment complexes to stand out from the competition, it’s important to have amenities that appeal to potential residents.  A good recycling program can make an apartment feel luxurious, and differentiate your property with an amenity that other options may not have.

5. Better environmental impact.

On top of all of this, recycling means you have an important impact on the environment.  Aiding environmental impact is something that many companies strive to do, and it increases the quality of life for your residents. Well-managed recycling can help cut down drastically on contaminated waste, and make a massive difference in the local environmental footprint.

These are just some of the benefits an organized recycling program can bring to your apartment community. We hope this overview has encouraged you to take a look at the value of well-organized recycling, and programs that can help!